Innovative 3D Holography Acoustic Devices for Complex Structures Characterization

Project Acronym: 3D-InHoAc

Topics: Innovation, Civil Engineering, Aeronautics, Nuclear, Underwater

Disciplinary Fields: Acoustics, Mecanics, Digital Calculations, Marine Physical

Summary: This project aims to develop original acoustic methods for the localization of defects or the characterization of complex structures based on innovative holographic acoustic devices. 3D-InHoAc intends to foster the exchange of ideas between different laboratories, different scientific communities, different disciplines and different skills. It offers the possibility, through its international consortium, to bring together two fields of application, non-destructive testing and structural integrity monitoring and Underwater Acoustics. The scientific issues are: to provide precise information on the state of the inspected structure and its environment, by acoustic or ultrasonic means, in order to ensure the safety of people.

Project Interlocutor: Sandrine Rakotonarivo (LMA, UMR 7031)

International Cooperation:
– France: Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique
– United States of America: Marine Physical Laboratory, University of San Diego California; United States Naval Research Laboratory, Washington

Project Duration: 11/01/2019 – 10/31/2021

Call of Proposal: International 2018

Photography Credits: Photo by Ahmad Dirini on Unsplash

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