Imaging Deep into the Brain


Topics: innovative optical tools, brain, data analysis

Disciplinary fields: imaging, microscopy, endoscopy, neurosciences

Summary: NEUROPHOTONICS@AMU aims at developing innovative optical microscope and endoscope tools to explore the deep brain architecture and dynamics. Using the latest developments in adaptive optics, wavefront control and ultra-thin lensless endoscopes developed at the Fresnel Institute Mosaic group, the project aims at performing fluorescence and vibrational (CARS/SRS) imaging at brain depths that remain inaccessible with conventional microscope of endoscope tools. Three directions are explored within this project that encompass fundamental biology problems and medical diagnostic applications. The first direction focuses on the brain neuronal micro-circuit activity from deep unexplored mice hippocampus regions and benefits from the leading work performed by Rosa Cossart group at the Institut de Neurobiologie de la Méditerranée (INMED). The second direction addresses early demyelination events in neurodegenerative diseases as being investigated by Franck Debarbieux group at the Institut des Neurosciences de la Timone (INT). The last focus is directed toward medical diagnostics and aims at providing clinicians with real-time ‘histopathology like’ video images of unstained tissues to evaluate infiltrated glioma in the human brain, as extensively studied by neuropathologist Dominique Figarella-Branger, expert in brain tumors, from the Neuropathology service of ‘La Timone’ hospital. The project elaborates on the expertise and achievements of the above mentioned partners to create an interdisciplinary consortium that will aim at co-developing custom instruments and data analysis fully optimized to address unsolved problems in neurosciences.

Project Interlocutor: Hervé Rigneault, Institut Fresnel (UMR 7249)

Project duration: 03/01/2018 – 02/28/2021

Call for application: Interdisciplinarité 2016

Photography credits: Urban Isthmus, Licence CC, Photography on Flickr

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