Open Knowledge Appropriations

Project acronym: OKA

Topics: web audience measurement, scientific citations, personnal date, attention economy, digital uses

Disciplinary fields: informatics, automatism, human and social sciences and public health, spaces cultures societies, information data communication

Summary: The Internet giants jealously guard their usage data as these represent monetizable personal data. Sensitive and profitable, these data are out of the scientific community’s reach. Yet if the economy of attention is truly at the heart of the digital economy, we must build a shared expertise of digital usages. Measurements of website audiences and scientific citations are subject to permanent critiques and the alternatives are also the object of substantial research (Cronin, 2014). Our study is focused on the usages of OpenEdition (500 000 documents in the humanities and social sciences) and is concerned more broadly with the processes by which this content is appropriated: from access to reading and academic citation to all forms in which content is re-exploited, evoked and commented upon. Our corpus is exceptional in terms of its scope and diversity: 2.5 TB of logs (11 billion lines), Piwik data (collected since January 2017), 600 000 tweets, 17 000 Wikipedia citations, and tens of thousands of “Cited by” (CrossRef).

Project Interlocutor: Marin Dacos, CLEO (UMS 3287)

Project duration: 03/01/2018 – 02/29/2020

Call for application : Interdisciplinarité 2016

Photography credits: Cléo / LSIS

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