Ecopoetics, Creative Writing and Humanities

Project acronym: ÉPOKHÈ

Topics: e-learning, anthropocene, biodiversity, litterature, creative writting

Disciplinary fields: human science, environment science

Summary: Literature and natural sciences were born together, around 1800, on the threshold of the modern era. The ÉPOKHÈ project – EcoPOetics, Creation, Humanities and Environment –proposes to come back to that original twinning and to put an end to the last thirty years of formalistic confinement of literary studies, which, having left aside the crucial society and environment challenges the planet is facing, led students to disaffection of literary studies. The department of French and Comparative Studies of AMU reoriented the topics of its teaching programs, aiming to fit to those challenges, and created an e-learning master studying program. The ÉPOKHÈ project will support this new program, contributing to changes in teaching contents and to innovation in pedagogical methods. Opening new pedagogical and scientific cooperations, ÉPOKHÈ will focus the teaching on the crisis of Anthropocene and contemporary issues related to the survival of Humanity, Nature and Biodiversity. To face that global crisis, Literature and Creative Writing have an essential role to play as fiction producers, thus able to imagine new forms of living and new ways of inhabiting the Earth. These methods  will use  combinations of an interdisciplinary theoretical teaching with creative writing workshops, massive use of video contents, critical reader training, tutoring of discussion forums.

Project interlocutor: Jean-Christophe Cavallin, CIELAM (EA423)

Project duration: 11/01/2018 – 10/31/2020

Call for proposal: Académie d’Excellence 2017

Carnet sur Hypothèses: Epokhe

Photography credits: Jean-Christophe Cavallin

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