Project title: Actors, Territory, University. Creation and animation of a participatory and pedagogical platform involving the inhabitants of a district in urban renewal AcTU’Encagnane

Topics: urban renewal program, Aix-en-Provence, collaboration, citizenship

Disciplinary fields: urban planning and development, political science, computer science

Summary: The Carrières Sociales Department, specialized in Urban Management, of the IUT of AixMarseille has been established in the heart of the Encagnane district for more than 25 years. This popular neighborhood of west central Aix-en-Provence is subject to an extensive national urban renewal program up until 2022. The ACTU’Encagnane project aims to support this dynamic through mobilizing a participatory digital tool and involving academic players with the inhabitants. Devised in partnership with three other components of AMU, the project will be animated by a panel of students from different levels and sectors, supervised by lecturers-researchers, and supported by the stakeholders of the neighborhood (Service of Citizenship and Proximity, funders, social centers, Citizens’ Committee, residents’ association, etc.) This scheme is innovative in that students and researchers are not only solicited for their expertise: they are committed to accompanying the local players in a collaborative effort of reflection on the management of public spaces, and on a broader level, on the future of the district. Making open data available to the residents, creating areas of expression and sharing, diversifying the participating audiences by including minority groups (young people, foreigners, etc.): such are the main objectives of a project focusing on the uses, both didactic and democratic, of digital technology in a process of empowerment

Project interlocutor : Gilles JACOULET, IUT

Project duration: 12/15/2018 – 12/14/2020

Call for application: Académie d’Excellence 2017

Photography credits: Photo by Oxana on Unsplash, License

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