Retail Outlet 4.0

Topics: professional experience, education, FabLab, technological innovation

Disciplinary fields: business administration, marketing, physics, electronics, computer networks

Summary: This project consists in developing an interdisciplinary project, which is based on the creation of a retail outlet 4.0 in Aix-Marseille University. Its purpose is to propose an interdisciplinary pedagogical framework in which students, with different disciplinary profiles (Physics, Electronics, Computer Networks, Marketing) have to work together. In this context, each student may become aware of his/her own disciplinary skills and develop them, because other students will consider him/her as an expert. At the same time, students will acquire soft skills (communication, project management). The retail outlet 4.0, which is a retailing fablab, is the tool to achieve this project. We will include it in a global pedagogical framework (project approach, flipped classroom, issue based approach) and in an industrial context. As digital revolution in industrial factories, digitalization and internet of things (IoT) have changed retail industries dramatically. Being able to gather different skills (marketing, network, electronics) is the key to elaborate an enhanced customer experience. This project implies that students will experience these professional situations by creating the retail outlet over the first year and by proposing technological innovations, which improve in-store customer experience, over the next years. Moreover, this project will lead to the creation of a technological laboratory in which we could train professionals and where industrial partners would test their innovations. A lot of industrial partners such as Auchan and Sunpartner are interested in testing their innovations in real conditions and we give them an opportunity in our fablab.

Project interlocutor: Lionel Nicod, CERGAM (EA 4225)

Project duration: 09/01/2018 – 09/01/2020

Call for proposal: Académie d’Excellence 2017

Photography credits: Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

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