Master’s in Complex Systems Engineering

Project acronym: M-ISC

Topics: complex systems, societal challenges, mutidisciplinary courses, teamwork

Disciplinary fields: engineering science, management, biomedical engineering, environmental engineering

Summary: A “complex system” can be defined as a system including multiple elements with different, variable individual behaviours which interact to produce the overall system behaviour. This very general definition clearly reveals that a large number of industrial, environmental, biological and even human systems can be qualified as complex. Indeed, they may be: nonlinear, random or even chaotic behaviour, retroactive, etc. The Master’s in engineering of complex systems, as the only one of its type on the site, introduces students to professions requiring expertise in the design and control of complex systems to implement an overall approach to the processes in question. The target activity sectors are broad, and various academic trajectories which are proposed, addressing both technological systems in an industrial setting and specialised scientific & technical services for companies. The sectors covered are those developed at Centrale Marseille in the context of its engineering courses. The themes centre around major societal challenges, and tackle complexity; they serve as a basis for the Master’s trajectory. Skills are acquired through multidisciplinary scientific and technical training complemented by a managerial component, so that students learn to manage projects and teams. The Master’s is designed in the tradition of the training offered by Ecoles Centrales, placing the student at the heart of the process, directly involved in multiple professionalising activities.

Project interlocutor: Olivier Boiron, École Centrale de Marseille, IRPHE (UMR 7342) 

Project duration:  01/01/2019 – 12/31/2020

Call for proposal: Académie d’Excellence 2017

Photography credits: Ecole Centrale Marseille


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