Biomorphism. Perceptual and Conceptual Approaches of Life-Forms

Project acronym: BIOM

Topics: biomorphism, life-forms, morphogenetic processes, ecosystems, crisis of sensibility

Disciplinary fields: philosophy, arts sciences, history of art, literature, biology, ecology, mathematics, physics, chemistry and neurosciences

Summary: The scientific objective is based on a new idea: to enlarge and update the notion of biomorphism, by emancipating it from its historical context of emergence, to become the focus of an interdisciplinary reflection, capable of mobilizing sciences, the arts and philosophy, so as to reflect on the contemporary stakes of our relationship with life-forms.
Life-forms make sense only through the bias of: 1) An eco-progressive outlook, i.e. an analysis of their ontogenetic as well as phylogenetic developments; 2) A mathematical and physicochemical analysis of morphogenetic processes, and of life-forms materials (complex forms that are typical of living beings, for example tree-like or spongy structures can be understood only through the study of the dynamics of materials, and their interactions with their environment, in the light of mathematical models.); 3) An understanding of biomorphic contemporary aesthetics, in the sense of recognizing the evolution of artistic biomorphism, and the way the various forms of living beings can fulfill their aesthetic functions in the 20th century within non-figurative artistic practices.

Project interlocutor: Julien Bernard, Centre Gilles Gaston Granger (UMR 7304)

Project duration: 15/02/2018 – 14/02/2020

Call for proposal: Interdisciplinarité 2016

Carnet sur Hypothèses:

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