Augmented Reality for Teacher Education Faculties

Project acronym: ARTE-fac

Topics: educational digital tools, augmented reality, school teachers

Disciplinary fields: human sciences, education, sciences and technology, technology for human learning

Summary: The ARTE-fac project aims to improve the mastery of content and pedagogical kwowledge in Science ans Technology of 1st-year master MEEF « school teachers » students (M1 PE) through innovative training courses based on augmented reality. School Teachers’ training has been recently deeply modified with the creation of the master MEEF and its  integration  to  the  university. Within  two  years  students  have  to  acquire knowledge and skills to be primary school teachers. Their professional integration is based on the success in the national test certification, meaning that their success is clearly related to the training program provided. At the age of « digital schools », the Master MEEF advance towards a new basic and continuous training, integrating uptodate educational digital tools to :

– Attract the best students to the different master MEEF programs by providing innovating and attracting training courses.
– Provide  efficient  training  courses  in  science  and  technology  to  foster  professional insertion.
– Structure content and pedagogical knowledge allowing the design of pedagogical activities in science and technology.

To enhance this evolution, the project is based on collaboration with an economical partnerspecialized in designing AR-based applications. The use of the AR is considered to:
– Improve the science and technology literacy of students (M1 PE).
– Develop pedagogical skills in designing science and technology activities for pupils.

Project interlocutor: Hélène Cheneval-Armand, INSPE, ADEF (EA 4671)

Project duration: 10/15/2018-10/15/2020

Call for proposal: Académie d’Excellence 2017

Photography credits: Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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