Pour une aide à la mobilité internationale à travers le tandem

Project acronym: InterTandem

Topics: international mobility, language skills, Tandem method, cross-cultural exchanges

Disciplinary fields: human sciences, foreign language education, intercultural studies

Summary: The general intention of this project is to provide inbound and autbound mobility support. The overall project branches out into four directions:
– For outgoing mobility, create a new channel for disseminating information on international mobility, both academic and professional audiences
– Promote the integration of incoming students
– Develop intercultural skills
– Develop language skills.

The course will be based mainly on the Tandem method. In this context, two students of different mother tongues meet to interact in both languages in order to help each other in their learning. In these meetings, students will have to perform tasks aimed at developing intercultural competence. The tandems will take place on site (AMU and international students) or through videoconference with partner universities. Learners will be supported in developing their learning autonomy in order to develop transversal learn-to-learn skills for lifelong learning. The course will also include conferences from staff of the DRI, Pôle Emploi International and professionals from local bodies working in an intercultural environment. The evaluation will be based on tools developed by the European Commission and the Council of Europe and will allow to better prepare students for employment.

Project interlocutor: Marco CAPPELLINI, Laboratoire Parole et Langage (UMR 7309)

Project duration: 10/22/2018 – 10/21/2020

Call for proposal: Académie d’Excellence 2017

Photography credits: Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash

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