Licence Sciences et Humanités

Project acronym: Licence S&H

Topics: pedagogy, critical thinking, scientific culture, humanist culture

Disciplinary fields: human sciences, environmental sciences, urbanism, life sciences, history, philosophy, literature, mathematic, sociology, physics, chemistry, cross-curricular teaching

Summary: The bachelor program “Sciences et Humanités” proposes a generalist and high level education program, where, in the context of an intense interaction between various disciplines, the fundamental subjects and the typical methods in each of those disciplines will be taught. The purpose of this resolutely transdisciplinary orientation is to develop the students’ critical thinking by giving them a vast, solid, precise and organic scientific and humanist culture. This ambitious program aimes at preparing the students to deal with contemporary issues (environment, development, ethics, etc.) whose complexity cannot be solved following traditional mono-disciplinary approaches.

This training is divided into 4 main pedagogical axes: mastery of the disciplinary bases, critical relationship to knowledge, development of rational exercise and expression, sense of responsibility. Teaching is developed around 6 major themes: Nature and Culture / World Systems / Vision, Light, Colour / Figures of Power / Logic, Language, Calculation / Critical Approach to Language.

Project interlocutor: Florence BOULC’H (MADIREL, UMR7246), Simona BODEA (Irphe, UMR 7342), Gaetan HAGEL (PIIM, UMR 7345), Isabelle PERNIN (Centre Camille Jullian, UMR 7299)

Project duration: 07/04/2013 – 08/31/2019

Call for proposal: Académie d’Excellence 2013

Photography credits: Vignette du Film collection “Expérimenter l’Avenir” sur la Licence S&H

Video :

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