Marseille NeuroSchool

Project acronym: nEURo*AMU

Topics: Education, Pedagogical Innovations, Mobility, International Visibility, Professional Insertion, Teaching-Research Relationship

Disciplinary fields: Medicine, Neuroscience, Life Sciences, Biology, Cognitive Science

Summary: Covering the entire field of neuroscience, the neuroscience community in Marseille has received numerous marks of recognition: 2 labels of Educational Excellence (A*Midex funding for the BMP master’s degree and the Integrative and Cellular Neuroscience (ICN) PhD program), 2 University Hospital Federations (neurodegenerative diseases and epilepsy), 1 Equipex (Neuroimaging) and 13 European funding (ERC).

NeuroSchool aims to take another step forward in excellence, to simplify and professionalize its courses and to increase its international visibility. To achieve this, the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in neurosciences will join forces with Marseille 10 neuroscience laboratories and rely on local partnerships with the University Hospital Center, two Convergence Institutes (CenTuri, ILCB), three private companies and the Ecole des Mines to:
Amplify the pedagogical innovations initiated and introduce new ones
-Develop formation for and through research by inserting as much teaching as possible in the laboratories, by deepening the disciplines and multidisciplinary openings
Improve the attractiveness of our training by financing foreign doctoral students and by coordinating with our international partners to award mobility grants, finance co-supervision, introduce double degrees…
Stimulate the diversity of career paths of future neuroscientists
Improve integration into professional life by setting up personalised follow-up and formation in order to direct them more appropriately towards academic, clinical or industrial research, or towards scientific communication.

Project interlocutor: François Féron (Institut de NeuroPhysiopathologie, UMR 7051)

Project duration: 07/02/2018 – 07/01/2028

Call for proposal: Ecole Universitaire de Recherche

Photography credits: Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

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