Procédés informatiques pour le cinéma interactif

Project acronym: PICI

Topics: Virtual Reality, Sound, Technologic Solutions, Innovation

Disciplinary fields: Physics, Informatics, Acoustics, Electrical Engineering, Cognitive Neuroscience, Information and Communication Sciences, Sociology, Esthetics

Summary: The PICI project responds to a need for innovation in sound engineering, which must develop the scene-based approach and propose technological solutions suitable for volumetric video. Its objective is to design and evaluate a dynamic sound spatialization algorithm for headphones with 6 degrees of freedom. The project pays particular attention to the experimental protocol since it tries to get as close as possible to credible situations, which implies taking into account sound/image interactions during audiovisual perception. To this end, the project wants to compare NFC-HOA (Near Field Compensated – High Order Ambiconic) and WFS (Wave Field Synthesis) technologies in the case of a free movement of the listener from space. It questions the relevance of HOA encoding, which seems to be establishing itself as a standard for consumer virtual reality applications.

Project interlocutor: Antoine Gonot (PRISM, UMR 7061)

Project duration: 04/20/2019 – 04/20/2021

Call for proposal: Pépinière d’Excellence 2018

Photography credits: Photo by Stella Jacob on Unsplash

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