Poétiques et techniques de l’acteur : patrimoines, innovations, mondialisation

Project acronym: POTEAC

Topics: Art, Theater, Patrimony, Digital, Translation

Disciplinary Fields: Literature, Languages, Art History, Archaelogy, Stage Practices, Sound and Image of the Stage

Summary: Born from the desire to give visibility to the research forces of Aix-Marseille University in the field of theatre, as well as to its artistic territory (21 partner theatres), the Maison du Théâtre d’AMU brings together researchers, teacher-researchers as well as artists, authors, directors, scenographers, actors, cultural partners of the territory with the mission of conducting interdisciplinary and innovative research work linking research and artistic creation. The cross competences are combined to reflect on a common question: rethinking the art of the actor in the light of heritage to be rediscovered, technical and technological innovations, and in the prism of the current effects of globalization.
The project covers major geographical areas in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Americas and Asia. POTEAC wants to provide a corpus of text with critical pomp, digitised and put online on the Maison du Théâtre’s website (“e-bibliothèque théâtrale”), providing for the presentation and translation of fundamental texts from Western and Asian cultures, ancient and modern, relating to the art of the actor.

Project interlocutor: Corinne Flicker (CIELAM, EA 4235)

Project duration: 11/15/2019 – 05/14/2021

Call of proposal: Pépinière d’Excellence 2018

Photography credits: Photo by Kyle Head on Unsplash

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