Histoire, économie et sociologie des revues scientifiques entre Europe, Afrique et Asie, Du XVIIe siècle à nos jours

Project Acronym: HISTREV

Topics: Heritage, Methodology, Epistemology, International, Scientific World, Disciplinary, Library, Archive

Disciplinary Fields: History, Economy, Sociology, Law, Art History, Literature, Digital Humanities

Summary: Starting from the observation of a segmented state of the art, both disciplinary and in time and space, the objective of this project is to apprehend scholarly periodicals in a global way, from the 17th century to the present day. It is a question of trying to identify the individuals who are at the origin of this original form of knowledge transmission, how these journals function, what is at stake and by what means they circulate. The journals are approached through three axes: their actors, their economy and their contents. This project may seem extremely broad, but its objective is precisely to go beyond the multiplicity of one-off studies to finally study journals as a whole, in different spaces, temporalities and disciplinary logics.

Project Interlocutor: Florence Renucci (IMAF, UMR 8171)

Project Duration: 05/15/2019 – 05/13/2021

Call of Proposal: Pépinière d’Excellence 2018

Photography Credits: Photo by Lalaine Macababbad on Unsplash

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