Comparaison des émotions des inexpérimentés et des acteurs

Project Acronym: COMEDIA

Topics: Database, Cognition, Actor, Cinema, Emotions

Disciplinary Fields: Phonetics, Psychology, Linguistics, Neurosciences, Medicine, Statistics

Summary: The COMEDIA project aims to address the issue of realism of emotions by exploiting the idea that, even in the emotions played, there can be a difference in the vocal (prosodic) expression of emotions between professional and non-professional actors. Thanks to a new collaboration between LPL and the Institut de l’Image, this question is examined from an experimental and theoretical point of view.

At the experimental level, the laboratory experiments aim to collect a more ecological audio and audiovisual database, allowing 1) to compare the prosody of professional and non-professional actors when they produce specific basic emotions; 2) to evaluate the impact of differences between professional and non-professional actors on the perception of emotions; 3) to establish the independent contribution of prosodic cues as well as the integration between prosody and facial cues in emotional perception. At the theoretical level, the aim is to reflect on emotions in research and in the dramatic arts.

Project Interlocutor: Caterina Petrone (LPL, UMR 7309)

Project Duration: 10/01/2019 – 09/30/2021

Call of Proposal: Pépinière d’Excellence 2018

Photography Credits: Photo by Mark Daynes on Unsplash

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