La spectroscopie RPE in cellulo pour l’étude des interactions protéine-protéine chez H.pylori

Project Acronym: HP_CELL – Titre complet du projet : “La spectroscopie RPE in cellulo pour l’étude des interactions protéine-protéine chez H.pylori : un outil pour faciliter le développement de nouveaux antimicrobiens”

Topics: Cells, Proteins, Therapeutics, Methodology, Innovation

Disciplinary Fields: Biophysics, Microbiology, Nanotechnology, Biochemistry

Summary: The HP_CELL project aims to develop innovative tools to observe proteins in action in cells. The structural dynamics of proteins play a central role in their biological functions. The study of these processes is fundamental for a better understanding of these systems and for the development of new therapeutic tools. Most of the knowledge in structural biology at the molecular level comes from in vitro studies. Despite the importance of these data, it is clear that these studies do not take into account the reality of the biological environment and can lead to biased data. Indeed, the cellular environment is incredibly complex, unlike the conditions used in vitro.

The central objective of this project is to develop a new approach based on bio-structural RPE based on methods for incorporating labelled proteins into cells and the development of optimised RPE techniques in these new systems. In particular, the project aims to understand the molecular mechanisms linked to infection by Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium responsible for gastric cancer, and to establish new antimicrobial strategies.

Project Interlocutor: Elisabetta Mileo (BIP, UMR 7281)

Project Duration: 05/15/2019 – 05/13/2021

Call of Proposal: Pépinière d’Excellence 2018

Photography Credits: Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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