Catégorie : Santé et sciences de la vie


Institute Marseille Rare Diseases

MarMaRa – Institut Marseille Maladies Rares. Topics: Patient Support Groups, Mediterranean Rim, Inheritance, Common Diseases, Rare Diseases, Therapy. Disciplinary Fields: Genetics, Genomics, Cell Biology, Structural Biology, Systems Biology, Mechanisms, Physiopathology, Neuroendocrinology, Bioinformatics, Modeling, Bio Engineering, Therapy, Epidemiology, Health Economics, Anthropology of Living Things, Ethics, Health Law, Mathematics, Physics, Optics


Mediterranean Institute for the Environmental Transition

ITEM – Institut Méditerranéen pour la Transition Environnementale. Topics: Decision-Making Support, Mediterranean Basin, Biodiversity and Ecology, Climate Change, Geosciences, Territorial Governance, Oceanography, Societal Resilience, Natural Resources. Disciplinary Fields: Environmental Sciences, Environmental Law, Public Management, Green Engineering, Ecology, Marine Science, Geoscience, Geography, History, Sociology, Social Psychology


Institute for Mediterranean Archaeology

ARKAIA – Institut d’Archéologie Méditerranéenne. Topics: Antiquity, Archaeometry, Big Data, Diachrony, Mediterranean, Middle Ages, Digital Tools, Paleo-Environmental Interactions, Protohistory, Modern Times. Disciplinary Fields: Archaeology, History, Geosciences, Ecology, Anthropology, Classics

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