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Mediterranean Institute for the Environmental Transition

ITEM – Institut Méditerranéen pour la Transition Environnementale. Topics: Decision-Making Support, Mediterranean Basin, Biodiversity and Ecology, Climate Change, Geosciences, Territorial Governance, Oceanography, Societal Resilience, Natural Resources. Disciplinary Fields: Environmental Sciences, Environmental Law, Public Management, Green Engineering, Ecology, Marine Science, Geoscience, Geography, History, Sociology, Social Psychology


Géo-épidémiologie du Paludisme résiduel dans la vallée transfrontalière du Limpopo

Project Acronym: GeoPal. Topics: Health, Disease, Environmental Changes, Society, Risks, South Africa. Disciplinary Fields: Biostatistics, Health Economy, Epidemiology, Health Informatic, Parasitology, Entomology, Meteorology, Climatology, Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences Mathematics



roject title: Resilience and Adaptation to Droughts and Extreme Climate Events in the Mediterranean: Lessons Learnt from Past on a 1.5°Cor more Warmer World. Topics: Mediterranean area, water stress, environmental datasets, socio-ecosystems

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