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Institute for Mediterranean Archaeology

ARKAIA – Institut d’Archéologie Méditerranéenne. Topics: Antiquity, Archaeometry, Big Data, Diachrony, Mediterranean, Middle Ages, Digital Tools, Paleo-Environmental Interactions, Protohistory, Modern Times. Disciplinary Fields: Archaeology, History, Geosciences, Ecology, Anthropology, Classics


Institute for Fusion and Instrumentation Sciences in Nuclear Environments

ISFIN – Institut Sciences de la Fusion et de l’Instrumentation en Environnements Nucléaires. Topics: Fusion, Instrumentation in Nuclear Environments, Material under Irradiation, Online Measurement and Non Destructive Testing, Microsensors, Hot Plasmas, Numerical simulation. Disciplinary Fields: Physics, Matter Science, Engineering Science, Mecanics, Mathematics, Computer Science


Institute of Microbiology, Bioenergies and Biotechnology

IM2B – Institut Microbiologie, Bioénergies et Biotechnologie. Topics: Biodiversity, Bioenergy, Inter-Organism Communications, Environment, Catalytic Mechanisms, Photosynthesis, Valorisation. Disciplinary Fields: Chemistry, Chemistry for Life Sciences, Green Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology


Marseille Institut of Imaging for Biology and Medicine

Institut Marseille Imaging. Topics: Biomarker, Co-design, Biomedical Imaging, Interventional Imaging, Ultimate Imaging, Artificial Intelligence, Personalized. Disciplinary Fields: Biology, Medicine, Paramedical Sciences, Physics, Health Engineering Medicine, Co-design, Theranostic, Digital and Signal Image Processing.

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