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Institute Marseille Rare Diseases

MarMaRa – Institut Marseille Maladies Rares. Topics: Patient Support Groups, Mediterranean Rim, Inheritance, Common Diseases, Rare Diseases, Therapy. Disciplinary Fields: Genetics, Genomics, Cell Biology, Structural Biology, Systems Biology, Mechanisms, Physiopathology, Neuroendocrinology, Bioinformatics, Modeling, Bio Engineering, Therapy, Epidemiology, Health Economics, Anthropology of Living Things, Ethics, Health Law, Mathematics, Physics, Optics


Institute for Fusion and Instrumentation Sciences in Nuclear Environments

ISFIN – Institut Sciences de la Fusion et de l’Instrumentation en Environnements Nucléaires. Topics: Fusion, Instrumentation in Nuclear Environments, Material under Irradiation, Online Measurement and Non Destructive Testing, Microsensors, Hot Plasmas, Numerical simulation. Disciplinary Fields: Physics, Matter Science, Engineering Science, Mecanics, Mathematics, Computer Science


Marseille Institut of Imaging for Biology and Medicine

Institut Marseille Imaging. Topics: Biomarker, Co-design, Biomedical Imaging, Interventional Imaging, Ultimate Imaging, Artificial Intelligence, Personalized. Disciplinary Fields: Biology, Medicine, Paramedical Sciences, Physics, Health Engineering Medicine, Co-design, Theranostic, Digital and Signal Image Processing.

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